Play the freerolls to develop your poker skills

Play the freerolls to develop your poker skills

When you first start playing online poker, there’s no telling what kind of competition you might be up against. If you’ve never played poker before, it’s likely that you’re going to be beaten time and again when you first start playing games online. All you know about the people playing are their usernames, but while some of them may be new to the game like you, others will be seasoned players, some of whom play poker as a profession.

So, unless you have an unlimited supply of cash that you don’t mind losing, it’s best to start out on games that don’t have high stakes attached to them. Even better, find places where you can play for free, so that all you have to lose is your pride!

Of the many online casino games @ 32Red you may have noticed that there are plenty of poker games. And when you join 32 Red to play poker, you’ll see that alongside a poker bonus, you’ll also qualify for entry to regular freeroll tournaments. These are poker tournaments where the pot is put up by the casino, and none of the players have to buy-in to take part. But it’s not just playing in demo mode; there’s a $500 pot to play for – not a bad prize to go for when you’re playing for free!

And you won’t be the only one taking the freeroll seriously; all players who turn up to play also like the idea of winning a significant cash prize for nothing, so they will play to the best of their ability. That means you’ll get some decent competition to practice your poker playing strategies and skills on.

The only problem with registering for a freeroll is that some people sign up in advance but then don’t actually turn up to play at the appointed time, so sometimes the games can be a little short on players. It’s probably because it’s free to sign up, so some people don’t feel obliged to then play when the game starts.

However, those players that do start the game are there to win! Freerolls tend to be played through pretty quickly, as although people want to win the pot, as they haven’t put their own money into it, they tend to make decisions more quickly. This makes the games exciting and fun to play.

With the experience of a few freerolls under your belt, you’ll have learnt a little more about the game of poker and put some of your knowledge into practice. Then you can move to playing games where you buy-in, and you’ll feel more confident about when to bet or raise or recognise when the safest decision is to fold.